We know a home is more than just a building A home is something unique that represents individual dreams....

Buildmore Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd.

Buildmore Infrastructures Is A Team Of Young, Dynamic And Vibrant Businessmen From Goa, Formed To Fulfill The Aspirations Of People To Have Their Own Home. At Buildmore Infrastructures, We Realize That A Home Is More Than Just A Building – A Home Which Is More Than Bricks And Mortar, Lumber And Shingles. A Home Is Something Unique That Represent Individual Dreams. And That Is Why Our Team Puts In A Lot Of Time and Resources Into Creating Your Special Dream Home.

Buildmore Infrastructures Is Part Of The Group Shiv Samarth, Which Is A Diversified Group With Business Interests In Automobile Dealerships, Manufacturing, Trading, Hospitality, Mineral Ore Trading, Outdoor Advertising And Real Estate. With A Staf Strength Of Over 200 People And A Turnover Close To 100 Crores, The Group Is On A Defined Growth Plan With A Vision Of Being Goa’s Leading Business Group.